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Felix Raphael

LIVE and DJ-Act 

(Stil vor Talent, YION, Katermukke, Sol Selectas)


Felix's love of music was already born in his cradle. As a little boy his mother took him to singing lessons and he discovered his fascination for singing.

Musically it went on and he learned various instruments. As a singer in some bands he could gain stage experience. A few years ago electronic music finally gripped him and he became interested in Djing. In the beginning the whole thing was limited to DJing and mixing, but the deeper he immersed himself in this music, the more the thought of producing his own music and implementing his own ideas, which were romping around in his head, strengthened. At first a little reserved in the combination of electronic sounds and vocals, the interplay of electronic beats and his voice got his trademark.

His style is not easy to put in a drawer. All in all his sound can best be described as Melodic House with a strong tendency towards organic and ethnic elements. But the most important thing for him is a lot of melody and harmony. Working with some of the greatest and most influential artists in the scene such as Ben Boehmer, Oliver Koletzki, Bookashade and Tinlicker, his name isn ́t that unknown anymore.


Through his musical past the urge to live music has prevailed over time. Meticulously, a live set and performance was developed, in which he exclusively paired his own productions with live singing and jamming.

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