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Ruling dancefloors for more than a decade.

Playing for amazing crowds in Europe and all around the globe.

Expanding their trademark MotorFunk-style since ever.


With their first releases via labels like Highgrade Recordings, Opossum Recordings or Stil vor Talent, they have come a long way. Even before they started DJing all around the globe, they quickly attracted attention througout the scene.

Despite playing Australia, Asia, the US and South America, the DJ-Duo never neglected their origin: Berlin. The german centre for electronic music. The global capital of Partying. The homebase of Format:B throughout the years.

By installing their own label Formatik Records, the duo was able to shape and define their identity and their sound on a global scale. This impressive and visionary strategy turned Format:B into one of the scenes leading electronic imprints of this time. Even after more than 15 years of touring and releasing music, Format:B has still a lot more in store for it's global fanbase.

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