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(Dantze l Katermukke l Kompakt)

Serious in having fun. Diffident in moving forward. Precise in going over the top.

Gunjah has gotten older - not in years but in talent. His life is what it has always been, a proper commitment to music. And his priorities have not changed. He vows to sustainability and conspires with authenticity. In other words, solid sustainable work.

Pleasure can only result when true passion is mixed in from the beginning. For Gunjah the producer, meditation is an essential condition for being taken seriously rather than a weakness. A final product with a sense of lightness and ease generated by a process involving solidarity and genuine hard work.

The 90s techno kid is determined to create something that is not just ephemeral music churned out at the delusional whim of a producer. His experience as a DJ has always made him endeavour to leap over a forced and naive desire for fame in order to create a vibe that brings feet onto the dancefloor. That's the mission! His approach didn't just come up over night. Through endless self-perception trips, facing new trends has become a standard for him. But Gunjah still adds his own magic to innovative ideas.

He refines his sets with the benchmark of creating an electronic piece for infinity. Stable sound, ease in communicating it to the crowd and joy all around through constructive DJing. Gunjah!

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