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He is a man of one face but many names. Kai Paul from East Berlin. K-Paul, one half of the dance music duo Lexy & K-Paul. And that since the 90s, the golden days of techno, when the Love Parade was still good, the Internet wasn't that bad, partying was somehow more exuberant and minimal was not everything. freak The Greatest DJ. ElectricKingdom. Kai Paul acts as a competent studio wizard and shapes the sound of the most consistent and dynamic TechnoLectro duo in the world.


The decision matures not only to appear as a producer and publisher, but also as a performer. Slightly ridiculed at first, it is important to get the necessary stage maturity. Is that possible? From the club to the stage? Without turning into a boring laptop nerd, everything that the MPC has to offer is thrown out. The rock element (in the sense of rocking, not necessarily with guitars!) is very successfully integrated at major dance music performance shows such as Mayday, Love Parade, Time Warp, Sonne Mond Sterne.


A few things that are worth mentioning are happening along the way: four studio albums, Echo fame, business trips around the world, emancipation from long-time mentor Westbam, label changes, other musical fields of activity.

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