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Pilocka Krach

Pilocka Krach, the eclectic and electric Rockstar from Berlin.

There's nobody in the whole Techno circus who sounds and performes like this brilliant dancefloorfiller. Her infinitely new and raw stage

presence coupled by her infectious and unusual sound, always demands the crowds full dancing attention.

Pilocka Krach has the rare gift of linking both music and fun and her fans fall at her feet for it.

This woman unleashes a kind of techno from a different angle: funky, dirty, funny, live and direct.

She initially emerged from the Noise Avant-Garde scene in Vienna to the techno-hippy post-rave scene of a good-humored Berlin, that

gladly considers Monday afternoon to be peak time.

From there, Pilocka won over hearts and rode on to victory.

On top of it she founds the 7inch collectors music label "Greatest Hits International" as an imprint for her style.

In 2015 she releases her first album "Best Of", followed by the double album "Sugar Cane & The Lost Amigos".

Since Burning Man 2017 the hit „Ay Caramba (Amazing)“ made people smile all over the world.

She was part of the Artist Residencies in Detroit/ USA at Underground Resistance, Nairobi/ Kenya and Tulum/ Mexico.

Anyone who has ever seen her live, can attest to her generous nature – she gives and doesn't take.

Madame Krach delivers: boundless passion and enthusiasm, genuine music for racing hearts.


It's meant to rock. Pure belladonna!

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